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Teen Parties

Our talented party DJs do more than mix music.  We bring the party!

$100 extra for Saturdays 

Super Sweet 16

The 16th Birthday is one of the most magical of them all.  Making it a high energy dance party is the very best way to create a lasting memory.  The DJ is without question the most important ingredient.  They can make it high energy fun, with a combination of just the right dance music and engaging the crowd.  Our guys are young, fresh, fun and know how to make a Sweet 16 an amazing and memorable event. 


We’re specialists at Sweet 16’s.  We do more of them every year that anything.   If you are looking to kick it up from just an I-pod…..then a live DJ show is perfect.  They will put the spark of entertainment and flair that makes it a jammin’ party.   Three hours of hot music, mixed by a professional DJ through a professional sound system and a 5 effect light show.  Take the worry and frustration out of it....make it simple and make it great!



Teen Parties

Whether it is a graduation party, 13th birthday party, Quincinera or any fun celebration we think teen parties should be a whole lot more than just a DJ playing music.  We think they should be high energy fun, tons of crowd involvement with games, activities, line dances, and sing-alongs ( you get the idea).  Now that's a party.  If you are looking for a fun party came to the right spot.  There are DJs with laptops filled with music that may be cheaper...but we're the party guys.  Can we help make your teen party totally awesome?   




A boy becomes a man, a girl becomes a woman.  This is one of the most amazing Jewish celebrations.  The most significant moment in a young person’s life deserves a party they will remember forever.  At Radio Parties we know and understand the importance of making this fun and festive.  Whether it is a full family celebration or a high energy party for young people, we’ll help make it a fitting tribute to this milestone. We can include all the religious formalities as well as engage the crowd in games, group dances and high energy fun.  With our state-of-the-art sound systems, light shows and huge music variety, you can trust that the entertainment for your big event will be flawless.  Our popular on-line planning tools gives your son or daughter the opportunity to help plan the nights music with our exclusive “playlist” builder so we can come prepared to play their favorites.  Plus you can create your agenda and timeline with our online planning tools.   Making sure every detail is handled, and the night is stress and hassle free are out top priorities.



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