Radio Parties DJs do more than mix the music.  

They bring the party!


The ultimate DJ entertainment for the biggest dance of the year !  Our  “Street Team” DJs know the music, understand the need to make the dance music hot and high energy and guarantee a night to remember for years to come.  These are the biggest dance events of your high school career.  Gotta be GREAT!

Lock in one of the best DJ this year for prom or homecoming at an affordable price.  Radio Parties will make sure everything is perfect.  Incredible sound system, splashy light show and most importantly the right DJ playing the right music for your school. With our on-line playlist builder, you can be as involved in music selection as you want to be.   

When was the last time the DJ kept the crowd dancing well after the pictures are taken.  We’ll have em jammin’ the dance floor right up to the last song.  The unbeatable DJ PROM or HOMECOMING Packages from Radio Parties.  Make them SPECIAL this year.  Give us a call.



High School Dance (Sunday - Friday)

Whether it’s The Back-to-School stomp,  after-game dance, Sadie Hawkins, Black light dance, or tolo our dance DJs from the Radio Parties “Street Team” will throw together the best mix of your school’s favorites.  That’s all we do…school dances.

Big lights, and sound and a playlist that is customized  You can build your “Must Play” list, “Play if possible List”  and “Do Not Play” list on line.  Plus our all-school request list, lets anyone at school request their favorites in advance.  The most student input ever.   Plus, everything will be edited, appropriate and always administration friendly.

If you have the choice to hire a regular DJ company or the Radio Parties “Street Team” DJs at the same (or less) price, go with the sure bet!  Give us a call.



Middle School Dance/Mixer

There is nothing else like it.  

Middle Schoolers are a high energy, fun-loving bunch.  But, a lot of them are not quite dancers yet.  So our specially trained Radio Parties Middle School “Street Team” host will come prepared to throw a fun, interactive party, designed to get everyone into the fun.  Great music, high energy and a DJ that knows how to channel all that energy into a fun Middle School “Social”.  It really takes a special kind of DJ that knows this audience and loves it. 

Our unique middle school dance package includes, fun line dances, contests, sing-alongs and a wide variety of age appropriate Top 40 dance music.  We know what they love, and we know what not to play to make the administration and parents happy.  We walk that fine line hundreds of times a year.  We’re good at it.  If you are wanting the perfect solution to creating a fun Middle School dance event….this is it!



Day Jam

A DJ is a great idea for all kinds of events at school not just a dance.  That's what the Day Jam is all about.  Schools are now calling for a hot DJ to play music at lunch time or during the day for a  lot of great reasons:

Celebrate the end of testing    –   Spirit week   –  Year Book Signing - Kick off to fund raisers   –  Assemblies

If you haven’t figured out a great way to celebrate with music during the school year…maybe now is the time.

Call Radio Parties and we’ll get things rolling.



*  This is a music package and does not include a light show.  


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RESTRICTIONS:  Must be two hours or less and be completed by 3pm weekdays.

School Dances

 $100 extra for Saturdays.  $100 for over 500 attendance