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Company Parties

Our talented party DJs do more than mix music.  We bring the party!

$100 extra for Saturdays 

Holiday Parties

Our Holiday parties are guaranteed to provide non-stop music and fun for everyone.  Our Party Patrol DJ will play the best Holiday music ever recorded to perfectly capture the festive mood.    When it's time for the party and dancing we have a huge variety of music for every age and musical taste perfectly mixed to satisfy everyone.   We're more than happy to play requests and can also read the crowd, to play the right music all night.


But our Holiday Party is a whole lot more than just music....our personable DJ host will MC toasts, make important announcments and engage the crowd.  

This will be the hit of the Holiday Season and it comes complete and hassle free.  We bring the sound system, music and a family friendly, lively DJ host to make it truly magical part of your company's Holiday Season.



Summer Picnics

A Radio Parties DJ and MC is the perfect way to add the fun and high energy that only good summer-fun music can provide.  Plus our fun and personable DJ will be your voice to help cooridnate all of the activities in the park. We will keep everyone up to speed on what’s happnening, and when.  The’ll direct traffic to the food line and be your spokesperson for special announcements, prizes and awards throughout the day.  


Plus we are specialists at organizing and creating fun activities.  A Hula Hoop contest, Limbo, Conga line, line dances, and much more are all a part of what you can expect from the Radio Parties Company Picnic package.  For a little more than  renting a sound system, you have professional host to handle most of the cooridantion.

If you are treating your staff to a fun family day, add the Pizzazz of a Radio Party DJ to guarantee the fun and make it a fun stress-free day for your staff.



Celebrations and rewards

Employee awards?  Reaching Sales Goals? New product roll-outs?

If you are looking for a dramtic way to make a splash with your employees to introduce a sales contest, or launch a new product or service Radio Parties is perfect.   We will play high energy, fun music, be your event MC to make announcements and introduce speakers and add the professional touch to any company celebration. 

If you are looking for a way to underscore your sales goals success at an impromptu Friday afternoon employee gathering:   music, fun and games is a great way to show your appreciation.

If you have occasion to acknowledge great work with employee awards and honors, our we provide everything you will need, including a reliable professional sound system, a DJ Master of ceremonies and fun music to add energy to the occasion.

DJ’s aren’t just for dance music any more.  Music adds energy and fun to any event.  It is an inexpensive way to turn an important moment into a very special event.  You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make.



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