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Kids and Families

Our talented party DJs do more than mix music.  We bring the party!

Family Fun Nights

A night of games, dancing and music!

Radio Parties has created a complete night of wholesome family entertainment for elementary schools, churches, and community groups. It's a completely stress free, turn key event that includes, games, group dances and activities.  Our DJ cooridanates all the fun, so you don't need a ton of volunteers or pre-planning.  Just give us a call and we'll take it from there.   That’s the magic of the Radio Parties “Family Night”.   We do all the  work,  you have all the fun.  

You can use a theme or not.  Some themes include, "Sock Hop", "Disco Night", "Country", "Beach Party"  or "History of Rock and Roll".  If youi pick a theme, we'll match it with the music and fun. 

Plan on goodtime family fun with Hula Hoop competition, the LIMBO challenge, bubble gum blowing contest, lip sync, freeze dance, scavenger hunt, and group dances like the Chicken dance, Macarena, a conga line and more.

Our FAMILY FUN NIGHT is the perfect way to introduce your families to PTA and get everyone acquainted and involved in the school’s activities. There is no better way to launch the year! 

Many schools combine the Family night with raffles, silent auctions or to introduce families to

the first big fund raiser.



End of School Party

If you are planning an end-of-school party, and want to make it special without a ton of  hard work and volunteers...turn the fun over to us. Our Party Patrol DJs are masters at keeping everyone entertained inside or outside as a part of your big school celebration.    

Radio Parties can make your kids’ day special this year with fun, high energy music (Disney,  Clean Top 40 and oldies),  group activities like the Chicken dance, Hokey Pokey, and the we’ll play games and keep the kids engaged from start to finish. 100% age appropriate music!!

When you want a professional party host to handle it without a lot of stress and hassle, call the Radio Parites, Party Patrol!....we’ve got it down.  Non-stop fun.   This is a daytime event only. 

(up to 3 hours during the school day)



5th Grade Graduaton

Hard to believe they'll be moving on!  It's their first big graduation and time to celebrate.  Radio Parties will make it a great memory.  Turn the graduation party over to the fun loving DJ Host from our party patrol.  We'll make it one of those magical moments to remember for a lifetime.

Age appropriate music, games, dances.   Fun, kid friendly hits that will have them singing and laughing all the way home.  Up to 3 Hours.



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