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Family Nights: huge hit at grade schools

We brought another amazing event to Newport Heights Elementary

...and this is what they're saying about Radio Parties DJ JD Fields.

"Hi Ric- One word to last nights event with DJ JD...."Amazing!!!!!" he was exactly and even more than I was expecting. JD was professional on our first contact on the phone and all the way til the end. He kept the kids engaged the whole two hours of the event.

He was very easy to ask for any request and never seemed to be stressed out. Just a really solid Dj for our event. I am very happy we found a vendor that can provide what we have been looking for. The kids had an awesome time and just enjoyed themselves very much. Even my 5th grader was dancing (she's always embarrassed) and just had a night to remember night as this will be her last dance at this school.

Just wanted to give JD a good review! Thank you so much!"

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