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Studio 54 Disco Party at the W Hotel

What a blast! The crowd came complete with 70's style clothing, and Radio Parties brought the best of the best music from an era that focused on flashy clothes and a unique dance style. Thanks to DJ D-Rex the crowd showed off their stuff at the W Hotel in Washington DC.

Studio 54 is immensely interesting just in terms of a sociological perspective. It peaked just about a decade after the Summer of Love – how far the Baby Boomers had come since their anti-materialist, hippie days! Their trademark hedonism was still intact, but the values (or complete lack thereof) had shifted 180 degrees from Woodstock. “All You Need Is Love” had somehow changed to “All You Need Is Fame and Lots of Money.” The cast was the same – the same generation that had flooded Max Yasgur’s 600-acre dairy farm in 1969, now flooded this new discoteque steeped in elitism and shameless materialism.

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