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DJ Yanni was great.  He did a wonderful job! Radio Parties1447 Leschi Place Fox Island, WA, 98333 USA ric@radioparties.com • 2532265188 - Kim Eikum -Todd Beamer High (Feb 9 2013)
We really enjoyed DJ Lance.  Great job!!  We won’t use any other company as long as Radio Parties is in business. -June 8 2013
Thanks, for making everything run smoothly with the prom DJ Aaron Hart. He was highly professional and the kids were dancing the entire time. Overall, view more... - Edmonds-Woodway Prom
I have been hearing nothing but good from the students and their parents about how awesome the DJ was.    I have not heard one view more... - Klahowya HS Prom
We loved Aaron!  If you want to assign him to any of our dances next year, that would be super!  Staff and parents liked how view more... - Stella Scola Middle School
Central High- Independence Oregon w/DJ Rey
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“Promposals” priceless!

According to a recent study by Visa, the average American teen now spends $324 on over-the-top promposals. That’s one-third of the total money spent on prom — $919 — for tickets, attire, hair styles and transportation.
Are “promposals” harmless fun or do they create added stress for students, already frazzled by school work, college applications and acceptance process? Some schools across the nation have even banned these distractions from taking place at school, in hallways and cafeterias. However, one father of two sons, ages 20 and 16, thinks the fad is fantastic, “It’s fine to have a new, exciting, fun twist that a generation came up with on their own.”

Here is a “promposal” that didn’t cost cash, but hundreds of hours of preparation over 5 months. Gotta love the creativity. This “tube” video is a little long, but entertaining. Take a look.

Can you master this dance?

Now here are some serious dance moves. The dance is called the Super Selfie. The Manoeuvres do a pretty awesome job to a classic MC Hammer song, Too Legit to Quit. Lets see if this catches on a school dances this fall!!

Epic Mother-Son dance “stunning”

I’ve seen some pretty amazing “first dance” routines in the past….but it was a surprise for this crowd to see Mom choreographed with her son. You can tell they had a terrific time prepping for this.

Top 10 Dance Crazes

How many of the TOP 10 Dance Crazes of all time,  have you mastered.  I am guessing, most of them.  Part of what makes a dance move popular is it’s ease of mastery.  Many of these are a part of virtually every wedding, most school dances, and likely at summer camp.  Take a look at the TOP 10…and go ahead…Let’s Twist again.  No one is watching.

Radio Parties DANCING!!

At Radio Parties, our DJ staff is passionate about dancing, music and fun.  Take a look at the smiles dancing can create….. It’s magic!

The 77 Hottest Hollywood dance scenes

As DJs, dancing is our lives. Not that we are all dancers, but our challenge night after night, week after week, is to play the right music to make people shake their stuff.  It’s what a DJ lives for!  That’s why I love this video….talk about the whole spectrum of dances, all set to a great 80′s dance song. See if you can identify all 77 memorable and not so memorable Hollywood movie dance scenes. Take a five minute break and take a look. Stick around for the final scene!